Coinex hackCoinex hack

The amount stolen from the hack of the Coinx exchange, a few days ago, the centralized Coinx exchange announced that this exchange had been hacked. On September 12, a group of workshops in Enchin noticed the withdrawal of huge amounts of different cryptocurrencies from the exchange’s warm wallet. The blockchain security company Cyvers reported about this earlier than others, and after this exchange was hacked, it immediately asked them to make deposits and withdrawals. stop in this exchange.

According to reports, the amount stolen from the hacking of the Coinx exchange in the first evaluations is estimated at 27 million dollars of cryptocurrency, which happened on the platform of three networks: Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon. The amount of cryptocurrency stolen from the hacking of this exchange is from above 18.12 million dollars of Ethereum, 8.5 million dollars of Tron, and 291 thousand dollars of Polygon, respectively. According to Cyvers’ investigations, violation of access control and disclosure of the private keys of the Gram wallet and Ragpool were the possibilities of hacking this exchange. In addition, this company has not ruled out the involvement of people from within this exchange.

Amount stolen from Coinx exchange hack

Coinex hack
Coinex hack

On September 14, another Enchin company named ZachXBT evaluated the transactions related to the hacking of this exchange, and the amount stolen from the Coinx exchange was not $27 million, but the transactions show that $54 million was actually stolen from this exchange.

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