Analysts believe that Bitcoin is preparing to reach its highest price. A trader on social network X told his 143,000 followers: Bitcoin is preparing to reach its most historic price. This analyst with the username Dave the Wave has predicted the future of Bitcoin to be bullish. According to him, Bitcoin’s movement in long-term returns is still strong. This trader had previously predicted the collapse of the crypto market in 2021.

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is trading with a two percent growth rate of 37.13. The analysis shows the scenario that the price of Bitcoin is likely to be corrected and fall to the maximum price of $30,000. On the other hand, the approval of Bitcoin spot funds, which itself acts as a startup for the rise of Bitcoin, has been delayed by the Securities Commission. These factors can play a role in confirming the corrective scenario of Bitcoin. Follow the news and new events of cryptocurrencies here.

A strong upward trend is waiting for Bitcoin. It seems that the price of Bitcoin will continue its upward path after short corrections. In your opinion, what is the state of Bitcoin? Will a strong uptrend begin or will the downtrend continue?🌹🌹


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