Balaji Srinivasan’s interesting prediction for Bitcoin

Balaji Vasan’s interesting prediction for one million dollar bitcoin, the former manager of Coinbase said: Bitcoin will reach one million dollars, but reaching this price will be accompanied by the bankruptcy of the American economy.

More interesting than Balaji Vasan’s analysis’one million dollar bitcoin

Balaji Srinivasan's interesting prediction for Bitcoin
Balaji Srinivasan’s interesting prediction for Bitcoin,one million dollar bitcoin

Interestingly, Balaji with James Medlock on this issue was $ 2 million, and now this prominent figure has lost this amount for its false prediction. He said: “I might be wrong, but notice that I spent millions of dollars (on this bet) to tell you that the bank’s bank and its economy are falling. The $ 1 million Bitcoin process may take 900 days or even 90 months.

According to him, within the next 90 days and due to the US economy facing a hyperinflation, the price of Bitcoin will probably reach one million dollars. He also warns that the world will soon witness huge changes, and the devaluation of the dollar will cause these changes to occur more quickly.

However, Matthew Crater (founder of YouTube channel Trader University) and Michael Saylor (Michael Saylor), president of MicroStrategy (MicroStrategy), after reviewing Balaji’s prediction, recognized it as an exaggeration but in the right direction.

Crater believes that Balaji’s prediction is a marketing ploy and that the probability that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million in the next 3 months is one to two percent. Although he believes that in the long term, this asset has the potential to reach such a price:

I agree with Balaji about Bitcoin going up to $1 million. I have talked many times about the price of bitcoin reaching 5 million and even 10 million dollars, but this will not happen in the next 90 days. I think this is a marketing ploy. It would be a bad thing for Bitcoin to rise to $1 million in the next 90 days. In fact, the requirement for this to happen in this period of time is the occurrence of a major disaster.

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