Binance message to Russian users

The message of the Binance exchange to Russian users. During the new reports, the exchange announced that Russian users must complete their residency documents to use the p2p payment service. This exchange has recently implemented restrictions on the p2p platform for its Russian users, and also announced the use of Non-Russian fiat currencies are prohibited for Russian users, and Russian users are not prohibited from using fiat currencies such as dollars, euros, etc. in this exchange. This exchange is due to the reasons and political conditions that exist.

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The message of the Binance exchange to Russian users can be considered as a kind of warning and alarm for Russian users. The main reasons for this restriction are being investigated by experts and active users in the digital currency market. Why do you think Binance prevents Russian users from using non-Russian fiat currencies? In this exchange, it has prohibited and released the use of p2p service along with clarifying the identity of people? Be sure to follow our international news base for new news.

This important message left many margins for the consumers of the cryptocurrency industry who are from Russia, the most important of which is the banning of Russian users by Binance, how do you interpret whether Russia will join the group of countries sanctioned by Binance or not? ? Share your opinion with us.

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