Currency currency in RussiaCurrency currency in Russia

Currency currency in Russia was legal! Russian digital currencies news

Currency currency in Russia
Currency currency in Russia

Cryptocurrencies became legal in Russia! Pay attention to the latest cryptocurrency news from Russia. Anatoly Aksakov, the director of the Financial Assets Association in Russia, states that cryptocurrencies will become legal currencies with the strict control of this country.

He added that digital currency traders want to legally trade in this field, on the other hand, some banks and financial institutions in the world are afraid of dealing with Russia. Aksakov said that digital currencies can be used to move money abroad, so they should be legislated to regulate it.

According to Bitriver’s Bitriver Institute, the largest bitcoin extraction in Russia, this year, has been the second largest digital currency extraction in the world. However, there are still no existent international laws to control digital currencies that are famous for their high fluctuations. The most popular Retazes, Bitcoin, when launched in 2009, was a deficit of tradition and reached nearly $ 69,000 in November 2021 for each coin. Bitcoin price now has more than $ 30,000.

Cryptocurrencies became legal in Russia! How about in your country? Is there any law for bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry? Follow the news of digital currencies in crypto chat on Telegram.

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