Elon Musk and his influence on the price of cryptocurrencies

Elon Musk and his influence on the price of cryptocurrencies, you must have heard the name of Elon Musk in economic news and social networks, including Twitter, and you have been curious to know more about this outstanding person. In this interesting article, I am Alexander the author. I am and I want to introduce Mr. Elon Musk to you in the simplest way and then examine the extent of his influence on the price of cryptocurrencies.

Elon Musk’s life started in South Africa. Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa. He has a brother and a sister younger than him. His parents separated in his childhood after Elon Musk was 10 years old. Musk, who is now one He is one of the richest people in the world. After he reached the age of 17, he went to Canada and started studying economics and physics. It goes without saying that he was born on June 28, 1971.

Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur and businessman who became world famous as the CEO of the electric car company and the space company SpaceX. In 2012, Musk was seen in the news media with the launch of the SpaceX rocket into space, which was supposed to send the first spacecraft built by a private company to the International Space Station. And we have not made Mars our colony, I will not be happy.

The story of Elon Musk doesn’t end here, he is 51 years old and works in various futuristic technologies. He is also the CEO of Tesla, Boring, OpenL and recently he is in charge of managing this social network by buying Twitter. The interesting point for digital currency market activists is that Elon Musk is the creator of the first meme coin of the cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin. He was recognized as the richest man in the world in 2021 and 2023.

Many people think that Musk was born rich, but contrary to this opinion, Elon Musk lived in a middle-class family where his mother had 5 jobs to make ends meet. In January 2021, Elon Musk became one of the richest people on earth. . His net worth exceeded 185 billion dollars, but in November of the same year, with the increase in the value of Tesla shares, Musk became a person whose fortune exceeded 300 billion dollars. He is the first person who lost 200 billion dollars of his money.

If we go through the biography of Elon Musk, Musk is an all-rounder, he has experienced many jobs. His advisers say that he acted instinctively in his decisions most of the time. His relationship with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry began in 2014, when he first tweeted about Bitcoin: “Now that Satoshi Nakamoto has been found, I guess the case will be closed.” His ambiguous message was reflected in many comments on his Twitter homepage.

In 2017, after Bitcoin conquered a new peak, Mask’s silence against digital currencies was broken. Bitcoin was moving from the price of 8000 thousand dollars to 20000 thousand dollars. At the same time, an article entitled “Mask is the creator of Bitcoin” was published by Gupta. Gupta To support his claim, he took into account the knowledge of cryptography and economic science that Musk had. These claims were rejected by Elon Musk after the publication of this report.

Elon Musk and his influence on the price of cryptocurrencies
Elon Musk and his influence on the price of cryptocurrencies

More than 90 million followers on Twitter created a space of influence for cryptocurrencies by Elon Musk. Elon Musk accepted Bitcoin for payments at the beginning of his career at Tesla, but it didn’t take long for him to use his own successful cryptocurrency, which was the first meme coin. unveiled Elon Musk’s close relationship with Dogecoin started from the beginning with the sale of this meme coin on Twitter and social pages, and Elon Musk expressed his happiness with this coin in this way. Dogecoin may be my favorite cryptocurrency. I am interested in the price of a currency. It will reach $0.002 on April 1 and $0.004 after April 4.

With the increase in Dogecoin price in the first half of 2021, Musk decided to use Dogecoin as a payment in the Tesla company. With Elon Musk’s entry into the crypto field, he now owns tokens, including Elon Dog, in addition to Dogecoin. The rich man’s tweets Jahan and his role in various economic and entrepreneurial fields had an impact on the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, including Dogecoin.

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