Hong Kong invited global exchanges to obtain licenses to operate in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has invited global exchanges that operate in the field of cryptocurrency to come to Hong Kong and receive operating licenses.

Hong Kong invited global exchanges
Hong Kong invited global exchanges

A Hong Kong Securities and Exchange Commission (SFC) lawmaker tweeted that we are inviting digital currencies and global trading platforms like Coinbase to operate in Hong Kong.The text of the tweet 👇

I hereby offer an invitation to welcome all global virtual asset trading operators including Coinbase to come to HK for application of official trading platforms and further development plans.

Hong Kong has recently reformed its regulatory laws for digital currencies and is striving to become a hub for crypto innovation. These rules will be implemented from the beginning of June. According to the Hong Kong Regulatory Commission, we are looking to take over and manage all the risks of financial institutions.

In the news of the past few days, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has created tensions in the field of cryptocurrency by getting involved with global exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. Brian Armstrong, CEO of the Coinbase exchange, has said that we never list securities on the exchange and have done our best to comply with the commission’s rules.

Hong Kong gives global digital currency exchanges, including Coinbase, a license to operate in Hong Kong. What do you think will happen to exchanges and the cryptocurrency industry?

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