How can BlackRock affect the price of Bitcoin?

How can BlackRock affect the price of Bitcoin?
In this article, we are going to introduce you to the largest investment company in financial fields. This company’s entry into the Bitcoin market prompted us to do more research on BlackRock.
As you are familiar with the digital currency market, the price of Bitcoin can change due to external factors.
One of the latest factors that has attracted the attention of the active crypto community is the entry of BlackRock into the Bitcoin market.
So stay tuned to the end of this valuable article with how Blackrock changed the price of Bitcoin

By entering the crypto market, BlackRock can affect the price of Bitcoin and change the conditions.
American Rock Company is the largest asset management company with more than 8 trillion dollars in assets.
According to reports, this company recently registered for spot bitcoin ETF funds.
But in relation to this company, we will take a look at the history of Black Rock and then examine its connection with Bitcoin

BlackRock was founded in 1988 with the participation of Lawrence Fink, Robert Capito, Susan Wagner.
The main office of this company is located in New York, and part of the shares of the New York Stock Exchange are owned by the same company, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
In the beginning, this company operated as a subsidiary of Blackstone.
The employees of this company currently reach more than 18 thousand people

How can BlackRock affect the price of Bitcoin?

How can BlackRock affect the price of Bitcoin?
How can BlackRock affect the price of Bitcoin?

Not long ago, the manager of this company announced Bitcoin as an indicator of money laundering, but it didn’t take long before his theory about Bitcoin changed and the direction of the company changed in general.
The latest developments have most investors excited, as a spot bitcoin ETF has long been touted as the catalyst to push the price above $100,000 — especially if BlackRock’s pie is involved.

However, there’s something much more important going on behind the scenes that’s far more important than the spot bitcoin ETF — and could be the most talked-about issue since BlackRock’s foray into the industry

Considering the power field Blackrock has in its hands and also has a strong relationship with the Federal Reserve, this company knows better than anyone that investors have seen important events in recent years, including the devaluation of their assets.
Black Rock never makes useless decisions, this company will be able to conquer any goal with complete planning according to experts.
They have sent messages to Securities and Exchange Commission CEO Gary Gensler to get their ETFs approved.
Blackrock’s change of direction can be a sign of acceptance of Bitcoin by this powerful company as the future of money in the world.
Therefore, the approval of their ETF funds can change the price of Bitcoin.
You need to know that in the latest news obtained for Gary Gensler’s bitcoin spot funds, January 2024 will be the deadline for decisions by the funds

There are many ambiguities and monetary policies behind the scene of this company’s entry into the Bitcoin market, which cannot be clarified easily.
Therefore, the occurrence of unexpected events in the Bitcoin rate or the crypto industry will not be out of mind.
Therefore, any new decision for Bitcoin and other digital currencies by BlackRock can affect the price of Bitcoin.
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