If you are angry now, don’t trade futures!

If you are angry now, don’t trade futures! As you know, leveraged transactions can be dangerous, especially when they are opened without order and plan. One of the basic principles for traders is self-knowledge. Most prominent traders have come to the conclusion that they do not open futures trades when they get angry and lose their cool. If you are angry now, don’t trade futures!! Transactions in various financial fields, including digital currencies, forex, stock market, etc., depend on the emotions and behavior of traders at the moment, which today is referred to as an indicator of fear and greed.

Humans are special creatures of the world that change in a moment. The trading job is very sensitive to human reactions! Therefore, if you are upset, angry for any reason or worried about an issue, never go to trade in cryptocurrency futures! But find yourself and know more

How does anger affect a long or short position in futures trading?

If you are angry now, don't trade futures!
If you are angry now, don’t trade futures!

Getting angry is one of the inherent characteristics of people. Some people can prevent or avoid getting angry, others don’t have the power to control themselves when they get angry. This important characteristic of humans can greatly affect decisions and change the current situation. Trading in the field of digital currencies is generally full of risk and volatility, and any decision outside of the trading strategy can increase the risk of the transaction and cause you financial damage. In general, your feelings now can become a decision and change the current situation, so never make a decision with emotions! Don’t let your emotions get the better of you and create a financial problem for you in the field of cryptocurrency.

When a decision is made in anger in cryptocurrency futures trading, in reality you have lost control and acted quickly on what your emotions told you. Most of the positions that are opened with emotions eventually lead to loss of assets and liquid. Therefore, never rush to trade, but keep calm in any situation so as not to liquidate.

How do you feel when you are angry and hurt?

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