New law for importing miner to Iran

New law for importing miner to Iran
New law for importing miner to Iran

According to the circular issued by the Iranian customs, on April 26, 2023, it became mandatory to insert the serial number of cryptocurrency mining devices.

According to this circular, the mandatory standard regulations for the import of miner devices are as follows:

– The clearance of cryptocurrency mining devices is subject to the submission of a license from the National Standard Organization of Iran in the comprehensive system of customs affairs.

– Importers of extraction devices must register the serial number of each device during a common on their declaration in the comprehensive customs system.

– The physical evaluation of imported devices requires checking and selectively matching at least 5% of the serial numbers declared by the importer with the serial numbers listed on the declared goods.

– The declaration of cryptocurrency mining devices is on the red track and the goods must be evaluated.

– According to the list of goods subject to mandatory standard regulations in terms of energy label, the import of mining devices with grade lower than A and B is prohibited.

The country of Iran has not yet created clear laws for cryptocurrency activities, but it has created some restrictions for the legalization of exchanges. to receive This country is trying to use the world’s technology to develop and progress in financial affairs. Now, the new laws for importing miners to Iran are one of the laws that have been taken in the direction of credit and infrastructure development.

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