New news about the activity of Bitcoin whales

New news about the activities of Bitcoin whales , the third Bitcoin whale was identified. In the latest activity of Bitcoin whales, a whale has attracted attention in a period of 98 days. This whale currently holds 118,300 bitcoins, which is worth almost more than $3 billion. There has been strong criticism surrounding the news of the third Bitcoin whale, with some critics pointing their speculations at BlackRock, which is preparing to approve ETF funds.

New news about the activity of Bitcoin whales
New news about the activity of Bitcoin whales

It’s the third largest Bitcoin wallet in limbo Chinese cryptocurrency journalist Colin “Wu Blockchain” also believes that Gemini is the owner of the new address. He reported: “Gemini has been moving bitcoins to the new address bc1q….59v2 for the last 3 months. It currently holds 118,000 Bitcoins or about US$3.08 billion. It is currently the third largest holder of Bitcoin. The first and second largest Bitcoin addresses are Binance Cold Wallet and Bitfinex Cold Wallet.

Bitcoin whales have always been one of the drivers for reducing or increasing the price of Bitcoin. The role of new whales can be followed by important signals and signs in the trend of the Bitcoin rate and the cryptocurrency industry. Follow the news of Bitcoin whales here. Thank you for your attention to this short news.

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