New news from the Federal Reserve

New news from the Federal Reserve 👇👇 In a new poll by Reuters, 90 percent of 110 prominent economists confirmed that the interest rate increase will not happen until the end of the year and the rate cut will be delayed until March 2024. This poll is just as the market is approaching. Heading into the Jackson Hole economic meeting next week, all eyes are on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and investors are eager for his comments.

The U.S. central bank is standing by, a sentiment echoed by 110 economists polled by Reuters. With the recent increase in the Fed funds rate, most economists agree that the rate will remain unchanged at the committee’s upcoming meeting in September, while others believe we won’t see an additional rate hike until the end of the year.

New news from the Federal Reserve

CME Group’s Fedwatch Tool shows that the market is pricing in the belief that there will be no rate hike this September. There’s roughly an 89% probability of no changes at the September 22 FOMC gathering and an 11% chance that there will be a 25 basis point rise. Out of the polled participants, 23 anticipate one more rate hike this year, while a pair of economists foresee the FFR jumping twice more. Approximately, 48 out of 95, predict the Fed will maintain rates till the end of March.

As you pay attention to the latest Federal Reserve news, the statements of the Federal Reserve Director on August 25 this year can change the forecasts, which is criticized by prominent economist David Mericle. We have long seen a high threshold for lowering prices because the officials of The committee wants to minimize the risk that they may regret if the inflation rate remains high. With these conditions, Paul’s speech can change perspectives.

What is your prediction about the decision of the Federal Reserve on August 25 this year? Post it in this news.

You may know that one of the factors affecting the price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry is the decisions of this committee, which has continued to affect the financial markets in the world. What will happen to set the rate this time at Jerome Powell’s meeting on August 25 this year?? Will Bitcoin be affected or not?? You answer and follow the official news of financial institutions in the world and the cryptocurrency industry right here.

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