Newest news for bitcoin extraction

Welcome to the latest news for Bitcoin miners! If you earn income through Bitcoin mining, don’t miss this new news for Bitcoin miners.

As we get closer to the Bitcoin halving event, the voices of Bitcoin miners’ dissatisfaction with electricity costs can still be heard.

Newest news for bitcoin extraction 👇

In the latest news for Bitcoin miners, it has been reported that Kentucky is approving $4 million in electricity rebates for local miners.

This news has been published on social networks while there is still no additional documentation for it, so active users in the field of Bitcoin mining and extraction have reacted to this news.

As you know, Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy, while this job causes severe damage to the ecosystem and the environment.

The high cost of electricity in the United States forces Bitcoin miners to either consider a better alternative to mining Bitcoin or wait for electricity rebates to be considered for this technology.

Not long ago, the US government tried hard to tax Bitcoin mining and extraction, but this law was not completed due to strong opposition from the crypto community.

The latest news for Bitcoin miners does not have complete documentation at the moment, it will be republished as soon as the complete documentation is completed.

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