Racket Capital analyzes Bitcoin!

Racket Capital analyzes Bitcoin! If you are interested, spend a minute on this article.

The famous analyst of the digital currency market analyzed the current trend of Bitcoin and claims that if Bitcoin cannot capture the $27,000 range this week, he will face a corrective trend similar to the 2015 correction trend.

Racket Capital analyzes Bitcoin!
Falling trend similar to this trend in 2015

Racket Capital analyzes Bitcoin and told its 345,100 Twitter users that if this happens to Bitcoin, its price will plummet.

This Bitcoin analyst also stated that Bitcoin can once again fall to the psychological zone of $20,000. If Bitcoin does not maintain the $27,000 range this week, this is not far from expected.

Racket warned!

Racket warned that a bearish signal has been issued in the daily chart of Bitcoin; Because this digital currency is placed below the neckline of its head and shoulders pattern (in the range of $27,000). According to him, if Bitcoin fails to reach the $27,000 support, the bearish pattern will be confirmed.

Bitcoin (BTC) was launched in 2009 as the first digital currency to use blockchain technology to perform and confirm transactions.

Since then, more than 20,000 other cryptocurrencies have joined the flow, all of which together form the digital currency market. Bitcoin is a very attractive currency for investment, as a result, its analysis can help you increase your income from buying Bitcoin. Follow the new Bitcoin news in crypto chat on Telegram.

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The withdrawal of capital from the US central bank led to the growth of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

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