Ripple was promoted again! John Dayton

Ripple was promoted again
Ripple was promoted again

Recently, John Dayton, one of Ripple’s supporters, announced in a tweet that the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s complaint against Ripple caused Ripple to be promoted. The former senator, a member of the Federalist Party and a supporter of Ripple, admitted that the complaint of the US Securities and Exchange Commission will end in Ripple’s favor because Ripple was re-advertised and made available to more users with these actions of the commission. He also continued that with the commission’s complaint against Ripple, more Ripple wallet addresses have been created, which proves that Ripple has been seen by a larger audience.

Ripple was promoted again! In his previous tweets, John Dayton wrote about Ripple and SEC’s lawsuit that the ruling of the Ripple case may be the biggest challenge for digital currencies and the cryptocurrency industry. In this regard, some famous people and fans of Bitcoin describe Ripple as a type of Bitcoin that the Securities Exchange Commission cannot win because the CEO of Ripple has spent a lot of money on his project.

The insistence of the commission to dismiss and accuse Ripple as profiting from illegal securities dates back to years ago. As you have been aware of this case, you should know that Ripple’s CEO said that the task of this case will be clarified soon.

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