Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin price will soon be 135000 dollars.

Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin price will soon be 135000 dollars. The Japanese-American entrepreneur once again shared his prediction about Bitcoin and gold on the social network X.

Kiyosaki wrote that after Bitcoin crosses the $30,000 mark, its next stop will be $135,000. After examining the price of Bitcoin, he tweeted about the price of gold and silver. The author of the famous book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” says that the price of gold will increase after crossing the price of 2100 dollars and its next price will be 3700 dollars, silver will reach from 23 dollars to 68 dollars. In this regard, he told his users: convert your fake money into real money.

Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known financial market analyst and economist, has repeatedly told his 2 million users on the former Twitter social network about the future price of Bitcoin and gold. Like Elon Musk, he prefers Bitcoin and gold and silver to fiat money. It goes without saying that this analyst of economic issues has already given warnings to investors about the collapse of various markets. However, according to the news of the rumor that was published a few days ago, Bitcoin recorded an upward trend in its record, and now the rate of this currency has crossed the 30,000 dollar mark. Will Kiyosaki’s prediction happen soon for Bitcoin? Submit your theory about this at the bottom of this news.


Some time ago, this well-known writer also tweeted for the war and said: Biden has been the worst president of the United States so far, and his presence in the cabinet of the American government has caused inflation, war, etc., and they say always pray for peace. Not war. He also tweeted about the destroyed American dollar and said that the American dollar is going to be destroyed.

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