Robert Kiyosaki’s warning for banks

Robert Kiyosaki’s warning made news for US banks and regional banks. Recently, the famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad and Poor Dad announced in a tweet that more banks are about to collapse and go bankrupt. Mr. Kiyosaki had already warned about the collapse of banks.

Robert Kiyosaki's warning for banks
Robert Kiyosaki’s warning for banks

In March, several large banks in America declared bankruptcy, including Silicon Bank, Signature Bank. Robert Kiyosaki has been quoted as saying that I do not believe anything the Federal Reserve, Biden and the head of the American Treasury say, the American economy is dying and the money deposited in banks is in danger.

Robert Kiyosaki’s warning for banks on social networks was followed by other reflections from world-famous economists, including Shaft.

After this important warning, Kiyosaki also confirmed the mortgage rumor and added that mortgage companies are collapsing. Robert Kiyosaki does not recommend housing and property for investment and asset protection. He had repeatedly said on his Twitter page that people should buy gold, silver and bitcoin so that their money does not become worthless.

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