Strange news from this exchange!!

Strange news from this exchange!! Sawat China Morning Post has prepared a report that the JPEX exchange has started to limit the stablecoin assets of its users. By converting the stablecoin assets of the users into a non-withdrawal currency, according to the user reports, this exchange wants to prevent the cryptocurrency from becoming more valuable. Prevent your native currency.

The native currency of this exchange, which is currently not officially traded in any exchange, the strange action of this exchange made news. But what was the reaction of JPEX exchange to this strange news? This exchange, which confirms itself as an autonomous and decentralized exchange, denies this news and stated that this exchange will never convert users’ digital assets without their knowledge. On the other hand, an anonymous user in the South China report states that his and other users’ Tethers have been converted into the native currency of this exchange.

This strange news from this exchange has made news among crypto users. According to the criticism of experts about this incident, there are warnings for users in the field of cryptocurrency that not following these warnings can put their assets at risk. Security has always been one of the most important monetary issues in the markets. Keeping digital currencies and digital assets in unreliable and even reliable exchanges is generally a risk!! If you do not pay attention to security tips in this regard, you will lose your money.


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