The latest cryptocurrency news in India

The latest cryptocurrencies news in India .The Minister of Economic Affairs of India said: The Government of India will decide on the position of cryptocurrencies in the country in the coming months. He added that the Government of India will carefully review all the recommendations made for digital currencies and then take the necessary measures.

In the latest news of cryptocurrencies in India, Indian Economic Affairs Minister Aji Seth explained in an interview on Sunday about India’s future decisions for digital currencies.

Seth talked about cryptocurrencies, with the recent G20 regulations in India and the hosting of the Digital Summit being one of his key topics. At the end of this meeting on Sunday, Aji Seth told Khabar network: India wants to create its digital currency program through global consultations with domestic stakeholders. We will carefully examine those recommendations and decide our policies, then we will put the necessary measures on the agenda.

Regarding the proposal to ban crypto-currencies in India, the Minister of Economic Affairs of India continued to explain that the process of digital currencies has played a global role due to their inherent nature, which is decentralized, anonymous and cryptographic, and it is necessary for all countries to decide on the banning of cryptocurrencies. Because it would be difficult to ban cryptocurrencies in just one country.

The latest cryptocurrency news in India

The latest cryptocurrency news in India
The latest cryptocurrency news in India

He noted that significant progress has been made in the field of cryptocurrencies. He highlighted the reports of regulatory bodies that provide a clear framework of policies to assess the potential risks of cryptocurrencies. He added at the end of the press conference that we We will present our cryptocurrency policy framework based on global decisions.

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