The story of selling Ethereum by David Schwartz.

The story of selling Ethereum by David Schwartz. Ripple’s CTO recently brought up the story of his Ethereum sale that happened in the past.
He wrote in this story that he shared on the X social network, I sold 40,000 of my Ethereum when the price of Ethereum had not reached one dollar, which now had a value of more than 100 million dollars.
He expresses regret about the story of selling his ethereums 😑
This issue raised a halo of speculation among crypto market activists and investors!
There is an important message hidden from the statements of the Ripple Foundation in the midst of Schwartz’s affair and the sale of Ethereum!
They believe that the message of his story has a subtle message for investors and activists of the Ripple cryptocurrency.
This encouraging message from David Schwartz shows the patience of Ripple investors.
Considering that Ripple has rejected the 0.60 resistance area, we can be optimistic about the growth of this cryptocurrency in the future.
The story of the sale of Ethereum by David Schwartz tells the patience of investors to get great profits from Ripple.
Ripple has been one of the best and most reliable cryptocurrencies in the crypto market and has now gained a significant market share.
What message do you think is hidden in the story of the sale of Ethereum by David Schwartz??
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