There are several types of indicators in the financial market?

there are several types of indicators in the financial market? indicators or in other words indicators are as mathematical functions wich can be used to analyze the financial market by using mathematical formulas. indicators are considered as one of the most important technical analysis tools they provide a better under standing of market conditions. Trading volume and price history, the Data used in the indicators are used to evalute and end predict the strength of the upcoming trend and the strength of the market trend.

In general indicators are divided into three main categories:

A_the trend of views: trend views are one of the most important concepts used in technical analysis which shows the fear and greed index of traders in financial markets.

B_Oscillators: oscillator is a technical analysis tool that is obtained from the juxtaposition of one or more chart indicators. And it has a swing range that is displayed as an upper limit and a lower limit.

C_trade volume: transactions volume refers to the amount of transactions made in a certain period of time. This index measures the total number of traded contracts or the number of shares of a trading symbol.

There are several types of indicators in the financial market?

Types of indicators:

1_RSI: the RSI indicator is one of  the most widely used indicators used to predict reversal points on the chart.this indicator varies between 0 and 100. If the figure is higher than 70 it represents over buying in other words oversaturation has taken place,and if the figure is lower than 30 there is too much sales and oversold.

2_MACDI indicator (MACD): the term MACD stands for Convergent Divergent Moving Average. And is known as one of the most effective and optimal momentum indicators. It’s purpose is to obtain the acceleration index of the upward or downward trend of the market. In fact it should be said that the acceleration of the trend consists of two components.

3_Average True Range indicator (ATR): this indicators is used to identify market fluctuations and predict strong price changes. The way to use this index is to calculate the difference between the highest price in a time period and the lowest price in the same time.

4_OBV indicator: the oBV indicator is one of the most important indicators in the digital currency market which at the same time provides very important information to trades.this index generally provides us with data about the volume of transaction .

5_MFI indicator: it is one of the widely used indicators for measuring momentum. This term abbreviated as money circulation index it is used to identify oversold points. 👉 👈

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