Visa company cooperates with Solana

Visa company cooperates with Solana. On September 5, Solana announced that Visa has extended the stablecoin settlement trial program to Solana. Visa’s cooperation with Solana has brought hope for the price of Solana. Due to the sharp fall of this currency, users are expecting an increase in the price of the ninth best cryptocurrency in the market (sol) after seeing the increase in transactions and the amount of liquidity.

Visa company cooperates with Solana
Visa company cooperates with Solana

The Visa company had already started using blockchain technology with Ethereum, and now, considering the Solana mechanism, it has expanded stablecoins for settlement with the Solana network. This big win forced Visa to carefully investigate the outage of Solana’s network and his connection to the FTX exchange.

In addition to this news, new discussions about Solana being chosen as a blockchain platform for the Maker network have also been raised, which has shown a positive reaction with the 3.7% growth of Solana’s rate on September 5. The data related to the investment rate in the platform The coin glass form shows that Solana has registered a positive investment rate, this has increased the confidence of users in the rise of Solana.

Solana and special features such as low fees, high speed in confirming transactions and having a decentralized and secure network have made companies like Visa and Solana prefer Ethereum. Visa cooperates with Solana, how do you think Solana’s rate will react?

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