What is the volume of futures transactions?

in the name of god, what is the volume of futures transactions? The volume of futures transactions reached its peak in the first half of 2021 wich had exceeded 75billion Dollar 💵 per day for weeks.

According to moj news, despite the increase in OI in derivative transaction we see a decrease in the volume of this type of transactions in exchange, which usually occurs during price compression.

After a 50% correction in the price of bitcoin in July, this index increased again in October and reached 65billion Dollar 💵 per day.

in the current situation the 14_day average volume of futures transactions has reached 38billion Dollar 💵 per day which is in line with the level observed in the price floor in July.

What is the transactions volume?

in the cryptocurrency market the number of traded units of a digital currency in a certain period of time is called.

What is the volume of futures transactions?

trading volume was actually a technical indicator in the volume trading strategy, because it shows a complete picture of the activity of an asset in the market And investors usually by checking the volume of transactions of a currency, they try to confirm the continuation or return of its process, transaction volume in principle, it determines the correctness or incorrect Ness of the behavior of the price of a currency and helps the investor in buying or selling his property.

In addition analyzing the trading volume of a digital currency in the volume trading strategy, in helps to identify the price momentum momentum and confirm its current trend. in this way that with the increase in the volume of transaction, the price of the corresponding currency usually has an upward trend.

The volume of its transactions increases and there is this correlation in the downward trend and decrease in the volume of transactions. Also,  the volume of transactions has shown the investor that the activity of the investors of a currency has decreased and the time has come to take profit and sell.

IF there is not  significant relationship between the volume of transactions and the price of a cryptocurrency,  it is considered a signal to weaken the current price trend and the possibility of its return. in this kind of circumstances it is possible to start profiting precisely by applying a reversal trading strategy. 👉https://turboplaycrypto.com 

How to start trading futures?

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