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America sealed these exchanges

Today’s hot news, America sealed these exchanges, pay attention to the important news

America sealed these exchanges
America sealed these exchanges

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Ukraine’s judiciary have identified and disabled the domains of nine cryptocurrency exchanges that they claim aided and abetted cybercriminals. Officials claimed the exchanges allowed cybercriminals to evade money-laundering efforts, and according to a statement released in early May, the FBI’s Detroit field office and the Ukrainian National Police followed a coordinated, court-authorized shutdown. and seized the domains of 9 digital currency exchanges.

The range of exchanges that served users without authentication was unavailable in the United States.
The range of exchanges that served users without authentication was unavailable in the United States.

The domains that were shut down included the websites 24xbtc.com, 100btc.pro, pridechange.com and bitcoin24.exchange. The US sealed these exchanges because, according to reports, each of these exchanges offered digital currency exchange services without registration and provided authentication to their users and did not comply with many of the rules and regulations required for licensed digital currency exchanges.
The FBI notice said the exchanges, which offered their services in both English and Russian, had “weak” anti-money laundering measures and required minimal or in some cases no KYC from users. This organization claimed that these types of unauthorized exchanges “have been serving as important centers in the cyber crime ecosystem”.
According to the agency’s report, many of these digital currency exchanges were “advertised in dedicated online crime forums”. The FBI has been involved in many cryptocurrency-related cases over the past few months.

The escalation of military tensions between Ukraine and Russia has had a profound impact on the cryptocurrency market, and this issue can provide an opening for cryptocurrency technology to not be used in the right way.

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