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Bitcoin halving is near

Bitcoin halving is near. Moment by moment, we are getting closer to the historical event of Bitcoin.

The meaning of Bitcoin halving is actually embedded in the technical structure of Bitcoin, exactly when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, wrote a piece of code to make this money anti-inflationary and put it on Bitcoin’s agenda.

This order is that every four years the reward of Bitcoin miners will be halved, which means that less new Bitcoin will be produced. These orders will reduce the supply of new Bitcoin every four years to make it more valuable.

This major event in the Bitcoin structure whenever it occurs has started an upward rally that has always attracted traders and investors.

Although Bitcoin halving is near and will be done in April 2024, there are many expectations that the price of Bitcoin will reach above 60,000 dollars.

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If we observe the history of bitcoin halving, you will see the upward trend of bitcoin halving in recent years. If this happens again, it will be easily predictable.

The history of past Bitcoin halvings has seen the cryptocurrency market rise after this event.

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