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government or Bitcoin?


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The issue of Bitcoin is a global issue. If you don’t think about Bitcoin today and you don’t have enough information about this technology, be sure that one day you will face Bitcoin.

The behavior of Bitcoin since its emergence has been able to be a trusted source for users all over the world, hence it has been accepted by people and heavy investments have been made on this non-physical money.

Interestingly, Bitcoin is not affiliated with any government, and this has made users trust Bitcoin and other digital currencies more than their government.

To understand what I mean, look at the example below and answer the question

If you have $1000, do you think it would be more profitable to deposit your money in a public bank or buy and hold bitcoin?

My answer is Bitcoin, I know that many of you, your answer is Btc.

According to the results and statistics obtained, depositing on digital currencies and Btc is more profitable than the profitability of banks because Bitcoin itself is a global government.

The level of your dissatisfaction with your government creates the level of your trust in the government. If you are not satisfied with your government right now, be sure that you do not trust that government either.

Btc is a decentralized and completely people’s government Btc government is built for the people to crush centralized governments in their power.

All humans on earth know that a centralized government is made of them, so the question of trust in the government arises.

Do you hand over your money to Bitcoin or hand over to the Government?

I mean, do you trust a government whose behavior you have seen for several years in the financial arena or Bitcoin and its market, which has proven its behavior to everyone in recent years?

From whatever country you are, Bitcoin is stronger than your government, even than the government of my country!

Because Bitcoin has been able to create a global decentralized financial government

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