The latest status of BitcoinThe latest status of Bitcoin
The latest status of Bitcoin
The latest status of Bitcoin

During the latest Bitcoin situation, the countdown has started for the early growth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s growth to $35,000 will certainly excite all holders of this coin. The current situation of Bitcoin is focused on the resistance range of $30,000. If this area is reached above $31,700 by the bulls of the market, it is expected that Bitcoin will soon reach the price of $35,000.

The new Volatility Shares company has recently received licensing the first ETF of the Lever Bitcoin from the Stock Exchange Commission. This ETF Fekhz will be released with lever 2, and its deals will be launched from Tuesday. The activity of this ETF is dependent on the prices in the future market of Bitcoin in the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Bitcoin managed to turn the market situation green for several times, and in these tensions, currencies like Bitcoin Cash are more profitable with the launch of a new exchange created by the funds.

Bitcoin has evolved and confidence building for investors over fiat currencies such as the dollar has diminished.

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