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three important sites for digital currency traders - turboplaycrypto

three important sites for digital currency traders

in the name of Allah: three important sites for digital currency traders: Abstract:

Lunar crash it is one of the best digital currency trading sites that uses artificial intelligence, it collects and organizes information related to the world of digital currencies from social networks.

Three important sites for digital currency traders

you can on this platform, it has monitored the sentiments of traders and traders of digital currency markets on social networks such as Twitter, monitor Instagram, YouTube and radif monitor and get useful information from users this sentiment analysis will be very useful in your business journey.

In addition, lunar crash offers a measure called galaxy score to measure the health in provides the overall quality and performance of digital currency projects which is a practical and free tool for fundamental analysis of the digital currency market.

Galaxy score benchmark

One of the most important parts of the cryptocurrency market whose required information is collected and provided from all over the Web and gives points to the health.

1_Trading view site:

One of the most comprehensive and best digital currency sites that has many features and every trader should know it,it is trading view. This site, it is the first forex application site where in you can go to section such as charts, analysis,  filter writing and…  . Had access.

2_coin market cap site OR cmc

2_coin market cap site OR cmc

It is the only professional tool to monitor the digital currency market, on this website you can get an overview of the digital currency market and the online price of Bitcoin along with hundreds of other digital currencies using the advanced and exclusive filters available on the coin market cap platform it can also help in identifying cryptocurrencies creating a watch list and building a professional portfolio is another benefit of using coin market cap .

3_coin telegraph news sites:

3_coin telegraph news sites:

Cointelegraph is an independent and reliable news site in the field of digital currencies and blockchain technology. This site was established by a group of people interested in this field. And since then so far it has become an important resource for those looking for the latest cryptocurrency news and analysis.


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