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Will stablecoins stay in the US?? The Fed Chairman responds - turboplaycrypto

Will stablecoins stay in the US?? The Fed Chairman responds

Will stablecoins stay in the US?? US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will respond at a conference on Wednesday. The chairman of the Federal Reserve acknowledged that digital currencies and stablecoins seem to remain as an asset class in the United States.

Powell continues to continue that the Crypto Carnins and Stylus Kevens industry seem to have a lasting power.

Powell Styroid Kevin is a form of money that the Federal Reserve will play an important role that the United States Central Bank will look at Stands Kevins, which is suitable for them.

The Fed Chairman responds
The Fed Chairman responds

At this conference, Representative Maxine Waters (D_CA) asked questions about cryptocurrencies after Mr. Powell’s speech. She explained that she and her Republican colleagues have proposed a bill for stablecoins that would create 58 different licenses, of which 2 have been approved so far. It has been approved and another 56 licenses can be issued by any state and DC with federal or non-federal regulations or enforcement. In this regard, Powell said: We consider stable payment coins to be a type of money. We believe that the Federal Reserve It has an important role that will happen in the future for digital currencies and stablecoins

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