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New bitcoin news for Mexican citizens - turboplaycrypto

New bitcoin news for Mexican citizens

New bitcoin news for Mexican citizens
New bitcoin news for Mexican citizens

Mexican citizens can now benefit from internet services with Bitcoin.

The CEO of IBEX stated that four million Mexican citizens will be able to use Internet services, pay bills, etc. with Bitcoin from now on.

With this partnership with Total Play, we have opened all the doors of Lightning and Bitcoin technology to companies active in this field, and they can also benefit from these services.

The CEO of IBEX also added that our next collaboration with the Salinas Group will be to create a new technology.

In this new technology we have with the Salinas Group, Mexican citizens are able to pay for their grocery purchases with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin News for Mexican Citizens Continues This partnership demonstrates the widespread adoption of Bitcoin Lightning in Mexico.

In fact, the value of this modern technology is not in paying for a cup of tea with a different method, but even though we don’t have a suitable payment method, now with the Lightning method, this field is provided so that transactions can be confirmed quickly.

The integration of Bitcoin Lightning in Mexico can put Mexico at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution and be considered a useful choice for Mexican citizens.

If you are a Mexican citizen, you can see daily crypto news in Mexico and the world on Telegram.


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