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Pakistani digital currency news - turboplaycrypto

Pakistani digital currency news

Pakistani digital currency news
Pakistani digital currency news

Welcome to Pakistan Digital Currency News! In the latest news, a press release from Pakistan has been published, as if this country has declared its opposition to digital currencies.

Although Pakistanis have invested in cryptocurrency projects, the country’s authorities plan to ban this money technology as well as internet-based services in the country.

Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Minister of Finance of the Government of Pakistan, said in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance that digital currencies will never be legalized in Pakistan.

This Pakistani official continued and said that the use of this technology could be accompanied by possible risks such as money laundering and terrorist financing. For these reasons, the government of Pakistan prohibits the use of digital currencies, and in this regard, Pasha added that the cryptocurrency industry has no I bet they won’t become legal in Pakistan!

Soheil Javad, director of the SBP, expressed concern about the investment in the crypto-Carnse industry in the Krypto Carnation industry, adding that the country will never be allowed to use this technology because of possible risks.

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