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New news from Hotbit exchange - turboplaycrypto

New news from Hotbit exchange

New news from Hotbit exchange

Hotbit exchange, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, ended its work.

New news from Hotbit exchange
New news from Hotbit exchange

According to the latest news obtained from this trading platform, Hotbit was closed after 5 years of service in the field of cryptocurrency.

Hotbit has been one of the popular exchanges of users for the past few years, and during this news, it regrettably announced that our work is over and users have until the first of the next month to transfer their assets to their wallets.

Hotbit exchange announced in a statement that we have proudly served five million users in the field of digital currencies for five years and four months. We want all users to withdraw their assets by June 21.

This exchange said that for these reasons we decided to stop our work

The deterioration of the operational situation, the change in the crypto industry trend, and cyber attacks and risk went hand in hand to end our work.

Hot bit exchange
Hot bit exchange

Hotbit said that we believe in this technology, this technology still has room for improvement and many of us will continue the way of this industry.

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