Binance Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza DayBinance Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin flavored pizza! Today, May 22, is the World Bitcoin Pizza Day. Happy cryptocurrency market participants and our audience around the world.

Binance Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day
Binance Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day.

We hope you are feeling better today than other days! We are very happy to have a real and authentic audience like you

Today, which was Bitcoin Pizza Day, we ordered pizza from Bitcoin as a memory and to cherish you. How about you?

We are happy to celebrate today and even more happy to share our joys with you on this lucky day.

Today we bought bitcoin flavored pizza with bitcoin money, you may be wondering why today is called bitcoin pizza day?

World Bitcoin Pizza Day is May 22. This day commemorates the day when physical goods were purchased from Bitcoin for the first time.

On May 22, 2010, pizza was the first product to be purchased with Bitcoin, and since then, cryptocurrency lovers call and celebrate this day as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Jeremy Sturdivant, who was able to make a hidden fortune by giving away two pizzas
Jeremy Sturdivant, who was able to make a hidden fortune by giving away two pizzas

In 2010, Laszlo Hanich paid Jeremy Sturdivant 10,000 Bitcoins and bought two Papa John’s pizzas.

Jeremy Sturdivant gained a lot of wealth by selling two pizzas because after he sold these two pizzas, Bitcoin was not high in price and 9 months after selling two pizzas, the value of his two pizzas reached 100,000 thousand dollars.

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