New news of China's cryptocurrenciesNew news of China's cryptocurrencies

New news of China’s cryptocurrencies, this time China has agreed with cryptocurrencies. This country, which in its previous laws had declared activities in this field illegal, this time, contrary to usual, it has announced the license of cryptocurrency service providers.

New news of China's cryptocurrencies
New news of China’s cryptocurrencies

In this news, the reports obtained are for this purpose, the first-tier Chinese and native exchanges will first receive a license to operate and can legally provide services to users.

Reports indicate that the first recipients of these licenses were cryptocurrency exchanges HashKey and OSL. Notably, these licenses now give these platforms the privilege of serving Hong Kong retail clients, moving away from their previous focus solely on professional investors.

According to experts in this field, the laws of the Chinese government for cryptocurrencies can increase new people and new funds in this field, which can shape the next upward rally of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

Read more about China’s new cryptocurrency news. The Chinese government still has a plan to develop its digital currency. As it seems, you will hear more new news in the coming days from China regarding the liberalization of the rules for digital currencies, so follow our international news magazine in crypto chat on Telegram.

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