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Bitcoin becomes worthless

Bitcoin becomes worthless Robert Kiyosaki
Recently, another important message from Robert Kiyosaki, the father of the world economy, is being circulated on Twitter.
Robert Kiyosaki said in his latest tweet on the “X” social network that BTC will become worthless.
He also mentions that gold and silver will become worthless after Bitcoin.
A well-known author believes that the launch of the Central Bank of America digital currency (CBDC) will destroy privacy.
He warned gold, silver and bitcoin investors of potential risks from the Fed’s launch of a central bank digital currency to plan their holdings before they become worthless.
The famous author isn’t the only one worried about the Fed’s launch of a central bank digital currency.Last week, the US House Financial Services Committee passed state anti-central bank cryptocurrency oversight legislation with the support of 60 members of Congress.
At the same time, the Federal Reserve is far from launching its own digital currency. In September of last year, Jerome Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve, announced that we have not decided to issue a digital currency at this time, and we are considering this process in the long term.

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