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Ripple analysis news of the rise of XRP - turboplaycrypto

Ripple analysis news of the rise of XRP

Ripple Analysis Will Ripple start an upward rally? Ripple’s legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission has escalated, according to Ripple’s defense lawyer, Ripple’s victory in court will benefit the cryptocurrency industry, what will happen next? Follow today’s Ripple news on Telegram.👇


Ripple analysis news of the rise of XRP
Ripple analysis news of the rise of XRP

With the commission’s agreements with Binance and Coinbase exchange, more eyes have turned to Ripple. Ripple claims that it has the largest and fastest asset transfer network in the world, and so far 1700 companies are using this technology, the CEO of Ripple admits. that financial leaders in the world are eager to encrypt their funds.

Possibilities According to the available signals from the status of Ripple and the Commission, it is expected that Ripple will start a strong upward rally soon.

Ripple’s current analysis shows that Ripple will rise in the near future. It will join this upward rally in the next two weeks, but consider the current conditions. Do you analyze the situation of Ripple bullishly?

You need to know that Ripple’s court battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission may end here. Like many figures active in the digital currency industry, Seth also believes that the court’s ruling in favor of Ripple will make it clear that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is dealing with Digital currencies do not have absolute authority.
This event can protect companies active in this field from the actions of the Stock Exchange Commission until clear laws are presented and approved by the US Congress. In addition, by that time, another organization such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission may take over the responsibility of monitoring digital currencies.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently sued two exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. In both cases, it was mentioned that these exchanges host transactions of tokens that are considered securities in the eyes of this organization. Many of these tokens, such as Cardano and Solana, have been sold with conditions similar to XRP, and after this claim by the Exchange Commission, like XRP, they faced a price drop.

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