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Solana's mobile phone is selling well! - turboplaycrypto

Solana’s mobile phone is selling well!

It was about a few months ago that Solana cryptocurrency developers came up with the idea of ​​making Solana mobile with the name (Saga).

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Solana's mobile phone is selling well!
Solana’s mobile phone is selling well!

Today is the eleventh of May and two or three days have passed since the sale of Solana, Saga mobile phones in the mobile market
The special capabilities that the Solana blockchain team has made in the field of digital currencies have now led to the sale of Solana mobile phones in the market.

Solana’s mobile phone is selling well!

According to the Solana company, the difference between this phone and other variants is its Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) feature, which is a set of custom plugins for integrating cryptocurrency with the phone’s hardware and software. SMS has security features for sending, receiving, trading and storing cryptocurrency. There is a hack-resistant secure section in this smartphone where confidential information and private keys of cryptocurrency users are stored. According to Solana, storing the key in a completely separate area from the rest of the phone’s data ensures its security. Saga has its own dapp store where only cryptocurrency applications are located. There are currently more than ten apps available for download for cryptocurrency trading, connectivity and communication between wallets, music and digital collections, with more apps likely to be added in the future. According to the company’s statement, unlike the 30% tax that Google and Apple charge from their app stores, excessive fees are not applied to the applications in the dapp store. dapp store is separate from google play android. Major phone makers from HTC to relatively smaller ones like Sirin Labs have not succeeded in creating a cryptocurrency-specific smartphone. This caused users to not have much hope for Solana’s success.
The Solana ecosystem got a big hit in June 2022, when Anatoly Yakovenko unveiled Saga at an event in New York City that Sam Bankman-Fried was involved in organizing. Sam Benkman Fried was the CEO of the FTX exchange and is now accused of fraud. Despite all this and the repeated failures that the Solana team experienced, the developers continued to try. According to Tim Solana, the launch of this smartphone can be an opportunity to change views and improve the situation.

However, in the future Solana’s mobile phone will sell well! And more people benefit from the hardware and software capabilities of this cryptocurrency phone.

This new service of the solana team can affect the price of Solana and create upward rallies for Solana, and most importantly, this project gains credibility with users by producing and supplying Saga mobile phones.


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