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The latest news from Bibi Dogecoin - turboplaycrypto

The latest news from Bibi Dogecoin

New news from Bibi Dogecoin
New news from Bibi Dogecoin

Read the latest news about Bibi Dogecoin and comment on which Bibi Dogecoin will win the most popular meme coin after Dogecoin and Shiba in the competition with Floki cryptocurrency?

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The latest news from Bibi Dogecoin

Backing up trust wallet from Bibi Dogecoin
Backing up trust wallet from Bibi Dogecoin

Baby Dodge is now accessible to 60 million TrustVolt users
BB Dogecoin integrates with TrustVault. This partnership enables users to trade Baby Dogecoin directly within the TrustVault app, providing a seamless experience for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. TrustVault, developed by Binance, has become a decentralized wallet for managing and exchanging digital currencies and has more than 60 million users.

Baby Dodge continues to become a popular meme coin since April 14 news of this meme coin was released, which has caught the attention of users on social networks.
BabyDog’s official Twitter page tweeted yesterday that BabyDog’s team is in talks with top 5 exchanges, and soon Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KoCoin and Bitfinex will list this popular meme coin. With the listing of Baby Dodge in the top exchanges, an upward rally is expected.
Certic support for Baby Dodge
CertiK, a blockchain security review and smart contract review company, is reviewing the bep20 standard BabyDog with a 4-factor security audit this week. Currently, BabyDog is among the top 10% of currencies with the best security factors, with a security rating of 273 on the Certic platform.
The positive news in the last three months, along with the relative improvement in the altcoins market, has caused the number of addresses with Baby Dodge to increase significantly.
Currently, holders of BabyDog Ethereum (ERC20 standard), with a growth of 20% in the last three months, passed the mark of 10,000 addresses.
Baby Dodge standard BEP20 also reached a record of 1 million and 725 thousand holders.

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