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what is line trend in analysis technical? - turboplaycrypto

what is line trend in analysis technical?

in the name of god:what is line trend in analysis technical? What is line trend? how trend mall with kinds line trend anticipate? For increase chance conclusion one trade Palmy, is necessary direction trend price find. recognition and drawing true line trend in line forward start each trade locate. This line first is tool that for analysis technical to use; not only to this reason that is easy, but in so doing that results that in anticipation moves future price very is exactly. accordingly,  use of line trend in analysis technical, one of best methods trading for anticipation situation mall and designation strategy entry or exit is.

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What is line trend?

Line trend as of name is visible, is line that easily able is recognition that with connection some of points price (Candel) in one time frame definite, on chart 📊 to drawing.  Line product direction all value finance that is possible in the offing in that direction draggy move gives exhibit.

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Line trend in analysis:

Kind different trend:

trends role critical for has trading 💹 and ability acquaintance and utilization that’s in trades help worthy to doeth traders. Normally, three kind different trend in analysis technical there exist:1_(UPTREND): one line uptrend sometime to shape that value equities one trade to increase. For instance, if price ethereum 3$ increase and in same interval 3$ decrease had possess and then of this fluctuation again 5$ increase,  trend to formation would uptrend. 2_(DOWNTREND):    line downtrend exactly point opposite is uptrend. One downtrend sometime to shape that value equities one trade to decrease.         For instance,  if price ethereum 3$ to decrease and in same interval sometime 3$ increase had possess and then of this fluctuation, candel next 5$ to decrease, trend to formation would downtrend.

3_(SIDEWAYTREND): line sidewaytrend sometime to shape that  mall in one limit horizontal to static, namely price ceiling OR bottom not formation.  Some of trading 💹 lionize to not sidewaytrend, nevertheless sidewaytrends  Role important in trades has scalping.



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