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Bitcoin Analysis June 23 - turboplaycrypto

Bitcoin Analysis June 23

Bitcoin Analysis June 23, 2023



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During the past events, Bitcoin finally returned to its old range, the support of Bitcoin caused the market bears to retreat with the range of 30,000 thousand dollars. Bitcoin has experienced a 20% rise in this rally and many analysts recommend this rally up to $35,000.

Traders’ fear index data shows that it has increased from 10% to 90%, which is likely to start another bullish rally soon.

Bitcoin Analysis June 23
Bitcoin Analysis today

In the analysis of Bitcoin on June 23, it is possible that the price of Bitcoin will face a short correction. This temporary correction of Bitcoin may happen from today to two days later, which will lower the price of this cryptocurrency to the range of 29,000 thousand dollars.

There are many possibilities that Bitcoin will spend a few days between the price of $30,000 and $29,000 and then continue to climb. Bitcoin is currently in a long-term bullish cycle that is roughly two weeks away from a price rally.

The range of $29,000 can be the ideal area for buying Bitcoin in this situation. Follow the analysis and news of digital currencies in crypto chat on Telegram.👇


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