Bitcoin continues to rally.Bitcoin continues to rally.

Bitcoin continues to rally. It was since the end of October that the price of Bitcoin increased, will the upward rally continue? The strong Bitcoin ecosystem has succeeded once again in the face of the world’s economic problems. As Bitcoin halving approaches and the specified date for Bitcoin spot funds, the price of this cryptocurrency remains green. How is the current market situation for you? The price of Bitcoin has exceeded the range of 34 thousand dollars. It seems that the powerful rally that increases the price of Bitcoin has not yet come to an end.

Bitcoin continues to rally.
Bitcoin continues to rally.

Bitcoin winter is over ❄❄ According to Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is moving towards $137,000. External and internal factors can maintain this powerful rally in the long run. What do you think? Bitcoin is the most powerful money transfer system with the latest accounting system. Don’t just see Bitcoin as a coin because Bitcoin is more than a global currency.

According to the latest news, Mr. Gary Gensler, the elected chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, congratulated the white paper of Bitcoin fifteen years ago. Some analysts criticized that the Securities Exchange Commission will approve a Bitcoin spot fund in the first month of 2024. The phenomenon of war has made investments in high-risk markets more. Jerome Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve, in his recent meeting, made the upward trend stronger, some altcoins such as Solana achieved a growth of over 20%. Strong possibilities will strengthen the upward rally, you can analyze.


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