Bitcoin short news.

Bitcoin short news. Welcome to Bitcoin News!

The CEO of Valkyrie Investments (Steven McClurg) said that the approval of a Bitcoin ETF is likely to happen at the end of November this year. Michael Silver increased his bitcoins again. Silver believes that btc is superior to fiat money. He wrote in his latest messages that no one can buy too much bitcoin! Pay attention to this BTC news! One of the oldest football clubs in Bulgaria accepted BTC for payment options.

The British central bank has launched services related to cryptocurrencies. Read this short news from Argentina Two Argentine election candidates follow Bitcoin Sergio Massa wants to mine Bitcoin with natural gas. Xavier Miley says: Bitcoin can eliminate the central bank. You need to know that the economy of Argentina is 20 times that of El Salvador.

An interesting news from the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, has been working for more than 100 years. It is interesting that the dollar has more than 97% of its value. lost during this time. The short BTC news continues…

There are new analyzes in reliable media that show that Bitcoin will reach $56,000 this year. What is your analysis?


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