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Cathy Wood: Bitcoin reaches one million dollars - turboplaycrypto

Cathy Wood: Bitcoin reaches one million dollars

Cathy Wood Bitcoin reaches one million dollars
Cathy Wood: Bitcoin reaches one million dollars

Kathy Wood emphasized in an interview with Bloomberg that the more economic tensions increase, the more trust in Bitcoin will increase, so there are many expectations that the price of Bitcoin will reach one million dollars in 2030.

The upward performance of Bitcoin in recent decades proves that the more the tensions to curb inflation by the government and private and public organizations increase, the trust in other assets such as gold and Bitcoin has increased.

The main digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will gain the highest level of trust among people, and it should be said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are labeled in the category of goods, and this will increase the price and increase trust in the crypto community.

Mrs. Kathy Wood, the founder of “Ark Invest”, one of the supporters of Bitcoin, said in her previous interviews that she bought Bitcoin at $250 and has made more than $7 million from Bitcoin so far.

Cathy Wood: Bitcoin is growing, we should be optimistic.

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