Will Bitcoin crash?

Will Bitcoin crash?
Will Bitcoin crash?

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone presented his vision in a report on the trend of Bitcoin. In this report, McGlone pointed to the fall of Bitcoin again and its downward trend again.

This analyst continued that Bitcoin has a difficult path ahead. He stated that due to the prevailing patterns and factors affecting the cryptocurrency market and the tendencies of the US Central Bank, the eye is leading Bitcoin to decline.

In addition, Mike McGlone said about the vulnerability of Bitcoin, the increase in central bank rates may be inappropriate, if these measures are taken to curb inflationary pressure, there is a risk of stagnation or more correction, which in this scenario model, Bitcoin is more vulnerable.

and investors are looking for better assets to store their money.

With the analysis of the future of Bitcoin presented by Mr. Mike McGlone, it cannot be said for sure that Bitcoin will go down, you know better that Bitcoin and the market of digital currencies are heavily involved in inherent and irrational fluctuations.

Various external and internal factors which is created in relation to cryptocurrency technology determines whether the price of a coin will go up or down.

It is better to know that in the long term, investing in famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has proven to be profitable!

Will Bitcoin crash?

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