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Exchanges opened in Türkiye!

For the past few days, good news has been heard from Turkey for digital currencies. Turkey, one of the Asian countries, has once again started providing powerful services with the increase of cryptocurrency exchanges. During the reporting of this news, exchanges were opened in Turkey and a strong practice of related services. They offer cryptocurrencies.

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Exchanges opened in Türkiye!
Exchanges opened in Türkiye!

If you are a citizen of Turkey or are aware of the daily news of Turkey, Turkey recently experienced unexpected events such as earthquakes and… such issues have pushed the Turkish government away from further support for Blockchain and Bitcoin technology, and now it is witnessing a resumption. The government is determined to improve the economic situation by using this technology.

Exchanges opened in Turkey to serve users active in digital currencies.

Two exchanges active in Türkiye

Now that you have been with us until this point, it is not a bad idea to introduce some of the famous exchanges in Turkey to you. The first exchange that operates in the field of cryptocurrency in Turkey is the BITPANDA exchange. This exchange is based in Europe, it is reliable and valid. The positive point is that by using a credit card, customers can buy the coins they want with the least amount of money.

COINMAMA exchange is one of the other popular exchanges in Turkey. This exchange has several positive points. First, it is reliable and valid. Second, this exchange operates all over the world.

Author: Yohan Maya/Türkiye

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