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Gary Gensler: Bitcoin is not a security!

Gary Gensger: Bitcoin is not a security! The head of the United States Securities Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, announced in an interview that Bitcoin is not a security! Bitcoin does not meet the Hawaii test for security laws.

Gary Gensler: Bitcoin is not a security!
Gary Gensler: Bitcoin is not a security!

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Tuesday that January 10 will be the deadline to approve or reject a proposed amendment to a bitcoin ETF.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, led by Gary Gensler, has repeatedly engaged with major cryptocurrency exchanges regarding Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry. Some experts in the cryptocurrency industry predict that legal disputes over Bitcoin will continue in the future.

What do you think Gary Gensler will do for Bitcoin in the near future? Will Bitcoin ETFs be approved by the committee or rejected again? One of the factors that always forces the crypto community to follow the current news of digital currencies is the hot news of the US Securities and Exchange Commission regarding cryptocurrency technology.

You can follow the news of digital currencies here and share your opinions with us. Thank you for paying attention to this short news!

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