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Two events before and on digital currencies

Two events before and on digital currencies. It has been a while since the digital currency market has taken an upward trend, while some analysts criticized that the winter of the market is over and the upward trend can change according to the events ahead and on digital currencies.
The Bitcoin halving and the approval of the Bitcoin spot fund are the two drivers to continue the upward trend that has started.
Each of these two can show their effects soon or in a long time.
There are less than 130 days left until the halving event, some users believe that the strong upward trend will continue the upward rally.
Because it has experienced an increase in the price of Bitcoin in its previous halvings.
Another important event that can lead to price changes is the approval of the Bitcoin spot fund by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Currently, 12 ETF funds are ready to be approved. Gary Gensler, CEO of the Securities and Exchange Commission, is intensifying the decisions for the resolution and approval of Bitcoin spot funds in another week.
Now active users in digital currencies care a lot about these two events, how about you?
Undoubtedly, these two events are very important. It can be expected that the price of Bitcoin will increase in 2024.

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