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Government money is over!

With the world economy approaching a hyperinflation, the work of government and government money is over!

What you read in this article:

The currencies mentioned in the list below will soon be removed from the world asset economy scene.

Government money is over!

Dollars on the brink of destruction
Dollars on the brink of destruction

The first government currency is the dollar. This is the currency of the United States of America and has been the common currency in the world until now. The dollar is moving towards destruction for several reasons. One of these reasons is the loss of public trust in the dollar due to government manipulation and printing more than The size of the dollar is to curb inflation, this process in the dollar ecosystem will soon become a problem for the d.

The second currency of the government that is moving towards destruction will be the British pound. The problems that Europe is involved in originate from the pressure of inflation and high prices in this continent, the inability of the pound against inflation is rampant in the green continent. pound and start buying more powerful assets.

The third state currency is the Iranian rial, which is not able to face sudden financial conditions, it has alienated the people, the purchasing power in the markets that work with the rial has greatly decreased, and on the other hand, the countries that work with the rial They do not have a strong infrastructure to provide services based on rial preservation.

The Russian ruble is one of the other government currencies that proves its inability to face the pressure of inflation. Despite the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the Russian ruble cannot satisfy the general ruble consumers, despite the new technologies such as Bitcoin. This fiat money will also be removed.

The Chinese Yuan and the Euro will be among the currencies that will be captured by powerful technologies.

The work of government money is over because the world has changed, the people of the world have changed, and finally people will come to the conclusion that why should they trust the banks? And give their property to the banks and their falling money.

Author: David Beman/USA

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