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El Salvador’s idea to produce Bitcoin

El Salvador’s idea to produce Bitcoin

Read the solution of the country of El Salvador to supply the energy of the crypto and bitcoin industry in this important article. I am Alexson Jerry, the author of this article from the country of El Salvador.

What you read in this article:
El Salvador's idea to produce Bitcoin
El Salvador’s idea to produce Bitcoin

Recently, El Salvador has announced in a report about supporting the Bitcoin industry that we have prepared an interesting idea for Bitcoin. Despite the volcanic mountains around El Salvador, we have decided to use part of the energy of the crypto industry, including mining and… supply by active volcanoes.

As you know, a huge part of crypto and bitcoin technology is in the hands of the mining industry, which also spends a lot of energy to produce new bitcoins. El Salvador’s idea for Bitcoin production is basically to provide energy for Bitcoin production. In order to produce a new Bitcoin, a lot of electrical energy is burned, which can also affect the environment by creating heat.

El Salvador is a North American country that recognizes Bitcoin money, despite the legislation that is being created for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology by the US government, El Salvador is one of the main supporters of Bitcoin.

Author: Alexson Jerry/El Salvador

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