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Important week of digital currencies - turboplaycrypto

Important week of digital currencies

Important week of digital currencies
Important week of digital currencies

We will examine the important weekend of digital currencies in this article. This weekend can be full of tension for the cryptocurrency industry, so if you are interested in cryptocurrencies and hate government money, stay with us for a few minutes in this article.

As you follow the short news of digital currencies on the Turbo Polycrypto site, you are aware of the latest developments in cryptocurrency technology. In the past reports, the American Securities Exchange Commission filed a complaint against two exchanges, Coinbase and Binance, due to the supply of securities tokens. Around this complaint, the developers of some cryptocurrencies, such as Solana, Cardano, etc., claimed that the Securities Commission This attack by the Securities Exchange Commission, led by Mr., caused the fall of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

After these tensions, the exchange Binance and Coinbase witnessed an excessive withdrawal of Bitcoin and Ethereum from their exchange, which they considered to be the reason for creating fear among traders and investors of this technology.

Today, Kevin Base’s currency exchange in Tweet announced that if the interpretations of the US Securities Commission (SEC) are correct in currency code, some sort of digital currency can be announced.

Today, a fierce fight started over digital currencies in the United States. Warren Davidson, one of the American representatives, introduced the Securities Commission stabilization bill to the House of Representatives.

Rep. Tom Emmer, another co-author of the bill, says the SEC’s priorities should be protecting investors, not following the whims of its reckless chairman.

The bill reportedly aims to remove Gensler from his position and distribute power between the commission chairman and commissioners. Also, according to this bill, a sixth commissioner is supposed to be added to this agency and no party will be allowed to have the majority power in the commission. An “executive director” position is also supposed to be created for this commission.

Although the lawmakers did not mention cryptocurrencies in the bill, both Davidson and Emmer are supporters of cryptocurrencies and have criticized Gensler’s leadership at the SEC.

This week’s digital currency news will be very important, so follow it on this site.

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